As a member of the South African business community, Avax SA is committed to conducting all aspects of its business in a socially responsible manner, taking care to protect the safety and health of our team members, as well as that of our clients, and playing our part in responsible and ethical waste management. Ethical business practices that are in line with national legislation and in accordance with international quality standards, are a major part of how we work.

While Avax SA always strives to offer its clients the most cost-effective telecommunications and data-reticulation solution, this will never be done at the cost of quality standards, safety, health and environmental considerations or legal requirements. Our clients can rest assured that we set and adhere to the highest standards of work and ethics in all that we do.



Avax SA has Level 2 BBBEE status with a 125% Procurement Recognition and more than 51% Black Ownership.

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Safety and Health

safety-complianceThe safety and health of our team members are key priorities to Avax SA. We have a comprehensive Safety Policy in place that is communicated with all our team members, while we also ensure that we comply with all safety standards and procedures of our clients. All our technicians receive induction training on safety issues and undergo regular medical screening to ensure that they are fit to perform their duties safely.


environmental-complianceAvax SA takes its responsibility to the environment seriously and in line with this, subcontracts Sindawonye Granulators and Processors (SGP Pty Ltd) to handle its e-waste management function. SGP specialises in the processing and granulation of electric and telecommunication cables and telecommunication equipment, as well as the recycling of electronic and electrical waste.



Avax SA has a Quality Policy in place that is communicated with all team members to ensure full compliance. In addition, all of our technicians are Krone certified and FOT trained as Fibre Technicians. They also receive training on construction procedures and team-building skills.

Avax SA makes use of reputable suppliers who can supply the latest technology and equipment while meeting our own high standards. We focus on fostering positive relationships with our suppliers in order to ensure that we are positioned to provide the best prices on top quality products.

We adhere strictly to telecommunication standards as set by Telkom SA Limited and we continuously conduct quality audits on all of our products and equipment.