24/7 Call-out and Assistance Service

   Average response time of 30 minutes

   Resolution time as determined by pre-set priority levels

   Dedicated, in-house help desk

   Record-keeping of all calls logged, action taken, response time and resolution time.


After-care Management Services

Record-keeping & Reporting

This includes tagging of all poles for ease of identification. These tags are recorded and documented with GPS co-ordinates attached to each, making it easy to find the exact position of faults. In addition, we keep record of all warranties on products to ensure that these are maintained and updated before they expire. We further maintain a database of all call-outs received during a specific period.


Change Management

Part of our after-care service is to effectively manage and report on change requests and ensuring that these are implemented in line with the client's change management policies and procedures.


E-waste management

Avax SA 410 subcontracts its e-waste management function to Sindawonye Granulators and Processors (Pty) Ltd (SGP). SGP specialises in the processing and granulation of electric and telecommunication cables and telecommunication equipment, as well as the recycling of electronic/electrical waste and non-ferrous metals, the processing of ferrous metals, the recycling of plastic and the manufacturing of plastic products.


Call-out and Assistance Services

Avax SA offers a 24/7 call-out and assistance service with an average response time of 30 minutes and with a resolution time as determined by priority levels (Urgent, High, Medium or Change Request). Clients can request a call-out service by contacting our Help Desk.